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Independence Middle School9

Jupiter, FL | Palm Beach County


January 31, 2015

serious bulling problems in this school and staff don't protect kids. 3 hours of homework every night in 6 th gr in regular classes if you child forget his homework he will get a 0 THIS IS THE ONLY SCHOOL were you can 4TH with an F!!!!!!

Submitted by a parent

October 24, 2014

I am satisfied with Independence and think it's a very good school. While it does have most of the problems associated with a adolescents growing into teenagers, I think that the staff and education provided are excellent. There's some bullying, as there would be in any middle school, but my children told me that it's not terrible, and there are not many fights at all. All things considered, my children are happy with the school, and I'm happy with the education.

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September 21, 2014

Great school my child is thriving in all areas. Very pleased with the choice programs.

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May 29, 2014

My child has attended IMS for 3 yrs. and it has been a great experience. He came from a small private school and adjusted very well to life in a big school. We've had our problems (no school is perfect) BUT any issues were taken seriously and quickly resolved. The Pre-Law Academy is wonderful and the teacher is great. In his 3 yrs at IMS he has only seen maybe a handful of fights and bullying is taken VERY seriously at this school. He came to IMS not knowing anyone and quickly made many friends. Overall his experience has been a great one and IMS has definitely prepared him for high school next year.

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May 8, 2014

My daughter is a 7th grader at IMS and she loves it. The teachers are responsive and helpful. She struggled one semester in a class and her teacher invited her to her classroom before school so she could do her homework there and the teacher would assist her if she needed help. That worked out great and she pulled up her grade and made the honor roll. So far, all of her teachers have been helpful and responsive. She has good friends and has never had a problem with bullying. The new principal has made good changes and the campus is definitely more secure. My daughter has told me that the principal handles problems and does not ignore them. There is a VERY high percentage of kids at this school who make the honor roll and get good behavior scores. She made friends easily and joined clubs too. Great field trips, school dance, sports, clubs, etc. I love this school! I read the other reviews, and they make it look like there is a lot of bullying, but I disagree. I think the amount is less than most schools and that the teachers, staff, and principal take it seriously when it does happen. There are over a thousand students, and the large majority are great kids.

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May 2, 2014

I am a current 7th grader at IMS. It is a good school and teachers really care however it is very bad for kids who aren't "popular" if you come to this school your bound to get cursed out on your first day. I have seen things at this school that i wish I had not once a kid got thrown down the bleachers ad beat on by a older 8th grader wright in front of the two gym coaches who just sat back in there chairs as if they were to cowardly to even help the kid. The new princeaple is somewhat of a bully to the kids however all the assistant principle's are very kind and caring. Overall this school is not good for a kid who does not know self defense cause there going to need it.

April 13, 2014

I am a current 7th grader at IMS, the school does have a bit of cons and some pros. After the new principle came in last year everything has changed there are more rules and consequences. The education is good except some teachers get mad if you don't understand the lesson (Math teachers mostly). The school has great academies (Pre-Business, Pre-Law, Pre-Medical, and Pre-Teacher). The is not that good but not horrible. And some teachers are great and some are not that......great. I have had some problems with some kids in my years and still with me today but not that bad. The bullying is not perfect either. But overall the school is pretty good (Way better than JMS your other selection).

January 30, 2014

I am a current 6th grader at IMS. On my first day, the students and staff were very nice and understanding and it was easy to fit in. The lunch here is actually very good, and I prefer it. There are a lot of fights and a lot of bullies, but if you are a parent, don't even bother going to the Administration as they do not care.

December 27, 2013

My daughter has attended IMS the last 2 and a half years. When she started IMS in 6th grade, I was scared for her...such a large campus, so many students, and so many children that emit such a sense of entitlement. I joined the PTO and volunteered as often as I could so that I was able to see how the school was run. The school has completely changed in a short period of time (we had a Principal leave and a new one come in at the end of 2012/2013 school year)...the school feels safer, the staff at the school seems to care much more than those at our local elementary schools (Beacon and LHES), and the teachers are all wonderful. (Don't get me wrong, there was a personality conflicts with a teacher, but that's bound to happen.) We have a wonderful PTO Board, a terrific group of parents that are members of the PTO and very involved in school and the SAC Committee, as well as a phenomenal Principal, A/P, and Guidance Counselor team. I have been very happy with the school

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November 9, 2013

In 6th grade, I did not like IMS at all, but looking back as a 9th grader, my last two years there were fantastic. The transition was a little difficult to get used to but after a while, I fit right in. There is a moderate amount of bullying, and the administration really is not helpful in that area at all, but if you know who to avoid, you will be fine. Most of the teachers there are fantastic. The cafeteria food isn't gourmet or anything, but it expectable for a public school. The academics are great, and each of the academies there are wonderful, (especially Pre-law and Pre-Teacher). Overall I had a very positive experience at Independence. Looking back now, I miss it so much, and almost wish I was still going there. Take it from a student, this school is great. Most of these other reviews are from people who had bad experiences (mostly parents). It actually is a pretty good school, and I felt very comfortable there. (It's also MUCH nicer than JMS, your other alternative.)

September 10, 2013

I attended this school for about a week and a half last year and was bullied from the start. I walked into P.E. and an eighth grader just started cursing at me. On top of that I was placed in a math class with All the kids week had been in the "advanced" math class (I had been in gifted- but there is no gifted math) which contained me and about 29 other students who hadn't been in the gifted program (& I had a perfect score in math the previous year.) A majority of these students had attended the same elementary school as I and had bullied me there! Nobody would allow me to sit with them in lunch claiming that they "were saving those seats". My mother and I then had a meeting with the assistant for 7th grade (the sixth grade one wasn't available) who said she would"find a friend for me". She did not. Finally after constantly begging my parents I was allowed to transfer back to Catholic School. I would not recommend sending your child to This school unless the only thing that matters to them is popularity.

September 6, 2013

Nice school! Only con is that the laptops are dated. Teachers are great! Good pre med and pre law programs!

June 23, 2012

What a mistake!! from day one he was being bullied. Started on the school bus, then into the school itself. Contacted the School administration the First day about this via e-mail and never received a response back, the pushing - shoving continued. The only thing that happened is the liason officer came on the Bus and stated the over crowding can't be helped and they are watching everyone on the Bus. In school the kids would make fun of him because of his name. Open his back pack laugh at him when everything fell out on the floor. At lunch no one would let him sit at the lunch tables, stating it's saved and then nobody sits there. How would that make you feel. Finally I went to the School and demanded a meeting with the school counselor. The meeting went well, promises where made to have him matched up with another student, also for someone to sit with him during lunch. Wow, It happened only one time. No improvements to anything. His grades went from A's to F's. Depression set in and as parents saw him slide so bad he did not want to go to School. STAY AWAY FROM THIS SCHOOL! They have Bully problems and say they care. This is an A rated school REALLY! P.S. we moved back to Wi

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December 7, 2011

Hello, I am a current 8th grader at independence. This school is a little too strict and kind of treats us like elementary school kids. The food here isn't as great. The education is alright but sometimes the teachers get mad when I don't understand the lesson. What is good about this school is there is hardly ever any fights. But bullying happens quite a lot. The kids here are a little bit mean. They will give you dirty looks or say something mean if they hear a rumor or two. Even though this school can improve on something. I wouldn't go to any other school but this one because I have a lot of middle school memories now.

August 31, 2011

I am a seventh grade student and I came to this school in the middle of the year last year from Cincinnati Ohio. The kids at this school were not very friendly to me and cussed A LOT which is completely different than my schools in Ohio. The teachers were pretty nice but never informed me on what I needed to know about the school or their classrooms. The school also took a long long time to put me into gifted. I was gifted up in Ohio but for some reason they would not except my gifted testing down in Florida, so they told me that I would have to take it again. I was okay with this until I realized that they would not be testing me until 7th grade. Why it would take them so long, I have absolutely no idea. So my mother payed for me to get tested over the summer and I was once again identified as gifted. Now I am a gifted seventh grader and it has become a lot easier. The group of people in gifted are all together nicer in my experience than those in regular, but I have met some really nice regular students that are still my friends to this day. All in all I don't think that there is anything special about this school or that it is bad. It is just plain average.

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